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Payment options

Bank transfer – after order placing You will receive e-mail from us shortly. There You will find detailed order description with our Banking information.

How I will get my order?

We are using express parcel service.

Your order will be delivered right to Your doors.

It is also possible to take out order in our office:

Savanoriu 178F, Vilnius, Lithuania

You will be guided during order process.

What main of registration?


How to choose calendar correctly?

Decide the purpse of the calendar, is it going to be for Yourself or a present for somebody. Because this calendar will be with You all year or even longer, we offer to choose high quality product.

Consider the type, size and where the calendar will be placed. Is it better a table or wall calendar for You. Think about what inside sheets to choose, which dates, feasts, reminders, photos, colors, texts or font size You want to see. Carefully choose the pictures and photos for Your calendar.

What calendar sizes can you make?

Size: 297 x 420 mm; 210 x 297 mm; 297 x 120 mm.

How long does it take to make a calendar?

5 workdays. Sending takes 2-4 days, so the order you will get in  about 9 workdays, after order confirmation.

Privacy policy

Any personal information provided by the user is confidential and is only available for a particular user and Fotokalendari.by administration.

Working time

We're working from 9.00 till 18.00.